My name is Karoliina Nurmela, also known as Landale which is a pen name I have been using since 1996.


Art is wonderful and I love working with it. I use the help of the computer in many of my works, “computers are there to help us!” as my art teacher once said. I love doing collages of all sorts, combining computer with something hand drawn and so forth. I also like other forms of art, such as sewing.

I created this website with the word “simplicity” in mind. It’s not all that fancysmancy but you sure as heck can find your way around without any trouble!

I’m very open to commissions so be sure to check out my commission page!

All Artwork and Graphics are ©2014 Karoliina Nurmela (Landale) All rights reserved. Not to be distributed, copied, traced, or used in any way without my permission.

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