Various Art commissions 2008-2014

  • Birdie Head’s featured on the main flyers for Open Studio Notts 2014

  • Having my work “Birdie Head” displayed at the Retford Health Center 2013

  • Part of Various Open Studio Nottinghamshire events 2013

  • Entered the Spring and Autumn Exhibition for Retford’s Art Society 2013

  • Having my work “Y.Madelene” accepted into the Harley gallery Open Exhibition 2012

  • Having my work “Sproutling” displayed at the Retford Health Center 2012

  • Designed a Vintage sign for Extra-Care Charitable Trust, Retford 2012.

  • Painted the Xmas Decoration Shop Window for Extra-Care Charitable Trust, Retford. 2011

  • Notebook cover design for a client 2011

  • 2 logo/header designs for 2009

  • Alter Ego, final year exhibition Galleri Y 2009 (Sweden)

  • Rörelse (Movement) 3 man exhibition, Sunderbyhögskola (Sweden) 2009

  • Vårsalong juryjudged exhibition, Norrbottens Museum, Luleå(Sweden) 2009

  • Seasons, 3 man exhibition, Sunderbyhögskola (Sweden) 2008

  • 2 commissioned Posters made in In Design for Sensus studieförbund. (Sweden) 2008

  • 1 commissioned piece of art for Sensus studieförbund. (Sweden) 2008

  • 2 Fliers/posters for Save the Children (in Sweden) 2008

  • Logo design for NordKon 2003 (Sweden)



Attended compulsory comprehensive school for 6 years

Luleå Estetiska Gymnasie (High School Equivalent, GCSE, Equivalent)

[autumn 1997-spring 2000]

I went to an upper secondary school that concentrated on traditional arts. I graduated with excellent grades, including English.

Gcept – Luleå University of Technology

[autumn 2002- winter 2003]

Computer Graphics

Physics, Knowledge Building, Art I, Graphical Design, Modelling(methology, tools.)
Introduction to project work; Project Work – project report. Applied Mathematics; Assignment and

Project II

Sunderby Folkhögskola (Sunderby Artschool)–Konstskolan Year 1 and 2

[autumn 2007-spring 2009]

I studied fine arts as well as Graphic design, textile design and photography.