Interested? Email me to discuss a price and ideas @!

Prices start as low as 20GBP (ca 31USD, and 23EUR).
I price most of my artwork accordingly to hours spent.

Check my art comission page for past comissions:

I am always open for commissions of all sorts. Be it a personal birthday present or something more commercial.

All and all these are just basic guidelines, as I’ll draw pretty much anything that’s thrown at me as for a commission.

  • Character portraits and designs.
  • Realism portraits incl. animals. Illustrations for books. Such as scenery or events taking place.
  • Personalized cards and alike.
  • Personalized simple designs~ say a notebook cover.




Computer Graphic:

  • My Personal style: Soft~paint like shading (look at my standard CGs). I prefer this medium and style as it’s what I usually work with. (example)
  • Digital Inked Designs: Vectors or 1-bit colour black and white prints. (example)
  • Digital Collages: Paper and/or Cloth effect. Combining  different techniques and/or photography. (example)

Payment methods:

  • Paypal (preferred)
  • Credit card through Paypal (+2$ transaction fee)
  • If In Sweden ask for other possibilities for payment!
  • If In U.K ask for other possibilities for payment!

Traditional mediums will be mailed to you via normal postage.
– CG,  I will either email or make it available for download. (High resolution dpi).

When we’ve come to an agreement on what medium etc you’d like, I’ll draw an sketch which I’ll send to you via email.
If you’re pleased with it and do not want any changes,
I will want the entire payment in chosen term before I continue any futher on this artwork.
Once finished I’ll notify you of the current status and either email/upload or Ship for a Shipping Fee.

By agreeing to the commission terms, you are free to use the commissioned piece as you like for non-profit purposes.
I retain the copyright of the piece and of any designs I may have made.
Attention! Commercial use can be negotiated on a per-case basis.